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For those of you people that are in the US, reading _Project Oberon_ and
confused by the NS32000 instruction set, it is possible to get the NS32000
book from National Semiconductor.  This book describes the processor
family in great detail, and has the entire instruction set laid out more
plainly than any Intel book I have ever seen (maybe it's because the NS
instruction set makes more sense?).

Last time I checked, National Semiconductor did not have an 800 number,
but they are located in California, so call the California operator and
ask for their number.

If you want the part number, and the phone number, email me.

Taylor "Now, under the flashing blue light...." Hutt
Never enough registers.  Never enough addressing modes.  Except for the NS32K.

Fri, 09 Feb 1996 19:31:47 GMT  
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