Extacy portable Oberon-2 and Modula-2 compiler demo is available on ftp 
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 Extacy portable Oberon-2 and Modula-2 compiler demo is available on ftp

We apologize for delay with upload of  Extacy  Professional  Development
System version 1.30.6 caused by summer holidays time at RTA.

We are very thankful for your valuable contributions and comments  which
are reflected in new demo version.

List of changes is included into demo package.


A free  demo  for  MS  DOS  is  available  on  Internet  ftp  sites  and
CompuServe. It is 132K PKZIP 2.04g archive. To decompress  the  archive,
type at MS DOS prompt

    > pkunzip xc1306.zip
    > copy *.txt prn

To access from CompuServe, type "GO PCVENH" (PC Vendor H forum)  at  any
"!" CompuServe prompt. The file is placed in the "RTA Ltd" library.

It is also available on Internet anonymous ftp sites (please  notice  it
can take up to several days for ftp service to mirror)

oak.oakland.edu (USA):
wuarchive.wustl.edu (USA):
ftp.uu.net (USA):
src.doc.ic.ac.uk (UK):
ftp.uni-padeborn.de (Germany):
nic.switch.ch (Switzerland):
nic.funet.fi (Finland):
ftp.technion.ac.il (Israel):
archie.au (Australia):
ftphost.vow.ac.nz (New):
nctuccca.edu.tw (Taiwan):

Example of ftp session (do NOT forget to say "binary"!)

> ftp oak.oakland.edu

User: ftp
Password: your-complete-email-address
ftp> cd /pub/msdos/pgmutl
ftp> hash
ftp> binary
ftp> get xc1306.zip
ftp> quit


Extacy is a professional development system available for  most  popular
platforms, including PC/MS-DOS, Unix workstations (Sun, HP,  DEC,  MIPS,
etc), Macintosh, Amiga, etc. Both large industrial  projects  containing
millions of lines, and simple student projects had been developed  using

Extacy contains both Modula-2 and Oberon-2  compilers.  These  languages
are often called "safe" and "modular". The principle innovation  of  the
language  Modula-2  was  indeed  the   module   concept,   incorporating
information hiding and separate compilation.

Moving to a new language usually means throwing away or  rewriting  your
existing library set which could have  been  the  work  of  many  years.
Extacy allows programmer to mix Modula-2, Oberon-2,  C,  Assembler,  and
often C++, Pascal,  and  fortran  modules  and  libraries  in  a  single

Extacy includes subsets of  standard  ISO  and  PIM  Modula-2  libraries
complete with ANSI C standard interface which can be accessed  and  used
from both Modula-2 and Oberon-2, and are provided in source form.

                             Unique Features

Extacy generates readable, maintainable, highly portable  ANSI  C  code.
Because all C compilers have their own  limitations,  Extacy  uses  only
really portable subset of ANSI C.  However  compiler  options  allow  to
generate code for K&R and C++ compilers.

Extacy DOES NOT implement the Oberon system (as per the ETH system). The
generated C code can be compiled and linked using any ANSI C compiler to
produce standalone executables.

Extacy has  been  ported  to  dozens  of  platforms  (and  the  list  is
continually growing), and you can painlessly move your application under
any of these platforms just recompiling your  program  by  Extacy  on  a
target platform, or moving C code generated by Extacy from one  platform
to another (beware that Extacy can produce slightly different  code  for
Personal Computer, Personal Unix, and Workstation platforms).

Multi-language programming with Extacy is not a problem: Extacy projects
can consist of an arbitrary mix of Modula-2, Oberon-2, C, and Assembler,
and, with some care, C++, Pascal, and Fortran.

The C source code generated by Extacy is perfectly readable. Extacy will
preserve the original identifiers and, moreover, it  can  preserve  even
your comments.

Extacy can insert "#line" statements  into  the  generated  C  code.  It
allows the use  of  the  standard  de{*filter*}s  (like  Unix  dbx  or  gdb,
Microsoft Code View, Borland Turbo De{*filter*}, Symantec  Multiscope,  etc)
to trace your Modula-2/Oberon-2 (not generated C code) sources to  catch
a bug.

Extacy provides outstanding flexibility. Using compiler options, you can
change any defaults of the compiler and utility programs:  default  file
names/extensions, style of C code generation (K&R C, ANSI  C,  or  C++),
error message format (to allow your favourite editor the use of compiler
messages), copyright notice to insert into generated code,

Extacy language extensions provides a unique opportunity to write  truly
portable,  multi-language,  reliable  software  using  modern   modular,
type-safe, object-oriented programming languages.

Despite a long list of  the  language(s)  extensions,  in  default  mode
Extacy will allow the use of the standard language(s)  facilities  only.
To utilize these  extensions,  the  explicit  use  of  compiler  options
":M2EXTENSION", ":M2ADDTYPES", and  ":O2EXTENSIONS",  placed  either  in
configuration file, at command line, or inline,  is  strictly  required,
otherwise it will cause an error while compilation.

                  List of Modula-2/Oberon-2 Extensions

- multi-language programming
- conditional compilation
- procedures with variable number of parameters
- renaming of imported modules
- read-only parameters
- read-only export
- fixed size types
- inline options/pragmas
- line comments
- multi-dimensional open arrays
- dynamic arrays
- constant array constructors
- constant string concatenation
- set complement
- standard procedure ASSERT
- extended syntax for numeric constants
- extended syntax for standard procedure HALT
- extended type compatibility in expressions
- extended type compatibility in assignments

(Please note: the use of any extension will cause a  compile-time  error
until   "M2EXTENSIONS"   and   "M2ADDTYPES"   or   "O2EXTENSIONS"    and
"O2ISOPRAGMA" compiler options are ON).

                         About the DEMO Version

This versions is a restricted distribution of Extacy package, including:

        - Modula-2 and Oberon-2 to C Compilers
        - A subset of the PIM Compliant Library
        - A subset of the ANSI C Library Interfaces
        - Dhrystone v 2.1 Modula-2 sources
        - Hotline Support

It does not include:

        - A subset of the ISO Modula-2 library
        - Utility library set
        - ANSI C Library Interfaces
        - Oberon-2 Object Browser Utility
        - Automatic "Makefile" Generator
        - And the Manual

The demonstration version compiler can only translate  relatively  small
modules (about 400 lines). You will get an error message  "out  of  heap
space" or "unexpected end of file" when this limit is exceeded.

With best regards,

Andrew Cadach


 Real Time Associates             CompuServe: 71333,2346
 Canning House, 59 Canning Road   Tel: (+44) (0)81 656 7333
 Croydon, Surrey, CRO 6QF, UK     Fax: (+44) (0)81 655 0401

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