dec machine for software port. 
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 dec machine for software port.

I found this, about the machine at  You can telnet there and login as
guest to request an account.  I thought there was mention
of an Alpha Oberon.  Perhaps a demo version could be put


        The purpose of this system is to allow you to evaluate the
        system and to assist in the porting of software.  Other use
        is by explicit exception only.  No warrantees expressed or implied.  
        Use at your own risk.

G1. What is the configuration/part numbers/technical specs on this system?

        This system is a DEC 4000/710, running version 3.0 of DEC OSF/1.
        The CPU is a 190MHz 21064 and the system has 4MB of secondary cache,
        256MB of memory and several GB of disk.  The current config
        has SCSI running at 10MB/s(for the /, /usr and /gdir partition) or
        5MB/s(all other partitions). For additional details, see the
        following documents:


Wed, 28 May 1997 07:40:41 GMT  
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