immediate execution of stand-alone application 
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 immediate execution of stand-alone application


There is a way to do what you ask.  First there is a module called "Config".

You can find information on this in the Help system under the "Developer
Manuals/Framework" with the topic "Config".  You can add code to this module
to be executed at startup.  Currently the code:

                Dialog.Call("StdLog.Open", "", res)

makes a call to open a window to the Log at startup.  You could add a line
start the program that you're interested in running.


>I have learned from a manual included in BlackBox how to deploy stand-alone
>versions of applications. I tried it with a simple example of Text module
>that was posted here (MODULE TestAscii) a couple of days ago. It worked fine
>outside the BlackBox installation. As far as I understand that to get the
>smallest operational application I have to get rid of any unnecessary
>subsystem, right?
>However, I had to start it with a menu option I introduced into menu Rsrc. I
>would like to have it executed automatically upon bootup of the framework,
>without clicks on a pull-down menu. Is it possible?

>Thanks in advance


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