Oberon windows metaphor shift. 
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 Oberon windows metaphor shift.


In an ETH newsletter (jan-94  'Oberon-day 93 for End-Users')
there is an article about a "brand-new overlapping windowing model"
for Oberon.
Does anyone know if this is about the Gadgets system or about
another windowing system.

In the book 'Project Oberon' J.Gutknecht and N.Wirth describe their
selection of the 'Hierarchical tiled windows' metaphor, after
carefull evaluation of other windowing metaphors (Chpt.4).
This in terms of end-user functionality and development/imnplementation
Why this shift to another window metaphor ?


Raf Maes

Mon, 14 Oct 1996 03:25:14 GMT  
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