New freeware Oberon System V4 for OS/2 2.1 released 
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 New freeware Oberon System V4 for OS/2 2.1 released

I'm posting this article for Daniel Steiner, the author of
Oberon for OS/2, as he has no writing access to comp.lang.oberon.

beginning of forwarded text

I am announcing that a new version of OS2oberon (Oberon System V4 for OS/2 2.1)
has been uploaded to

    Oberon for OS/2 is an implementation of Oberon for IBM OS/2 2.1.
    This is release 0.3 of the ETH Oberon System Version 4.0.

    Oberon Version 4.0 is a new release that replaces Version 2.2.
    The main difference between V2.2 and V4.0 is the replacement
    of TextFrames by WriteFrames and Edit by Write. A more precise des-
    cription of the differences between V2.2 and V4.0 can be found
    in the text "OberonV4.Text".

    This version of Oberon for OS/2 does run on both FAT and HPFS partition
    but does not use advanced features of HPFS filesystem if running on a
    HPFS partition.

    - An IBM Computer or Compatible running IBM OS/2 2.1.
    - A 386, 486 or Pentium processor.
    - 4MB of extended memory (absolute minimum).
    - 5 MB of hard disk space.
    - preferably a screen with resolution of 1024 by 768 pixels
        (although smaller size screens will work, too).
    - preferably a three button mouse (and a mouse driver that
      supports all three mouse buttons).

    - IBM OS/2 2.1

        - currently only the current drive is supported
        - color palette is not supported
        - to increase termination speed (System.Quit) $FILEDIR.$$$ is not
          written back to disk
        - calling nil procedure variables result in wrong trap message (wrong

For more details read the file ""

The software can be obtained by anonymous ftp from

Sun, 13 Apr 1997 21:04:33 GMT  
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