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 Question about System3 Licence


Why is the following in the System3 licence, given the futility of
enforcing it in general?

 . . .
Article 9  Validity and Duration of License
(2) By notification with registered mail, the Institute may withdraw the
license or the sub-license with immediate effect.
 . . .

Is it, as it seems when combined with article 6 part (2), to
discourage companies from investing in development of System3?

[ETHZ sees a company doing something good with S3, decides they want
to do it themselves and sells the product, compels the company to
disclose the knowledge, then terminates the company's S3 licence...]

Also, I'd hope that, as Europeans, you'd spell licence the English way
;) Oh well, my German's too bad for this not to be a case of "those in
glass houses..."

                      Is it Friday today?

Mon, 29 Oct 2001 03:00:00 GMT  
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