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On Fri May  7 17:25:39 EDT 1993, Edgar Knapp said the following:

>>(Being an Oberon FNG (F..king New Guy) at the time), I was amazed
>>beyond belief.  From just the trap listing, he was able to determine
>>EXACTLY what I had done.  This facility is FAR from useless.  In
>>fact, because it is a PMD, it usually gives better information than a
>>de{*filter*}.  Couple this with the fact that Oberon does not work in the
>>single monolithic executable ideology to which most people are
>>accustomed, a 'de{*filter*}' will not work as expected.

>If only the designers of the trap window can figure out the meaning of
>its contents, it's useless to me (and from your response I conclude to
>you as well).

Now that I have the book, I can read them just as easily as the next guy.
If you are one of those people that thinks that computers should be
'intuitive', then I pity you.  Opening a door before you can go thru
the opening is 'intuitive'.  There is nothing about computers that is
intuitive (except maybe the power switch).

>>As two other anecdotal pieces of evidence:  A guy where I work LIVES
>>in the de{*filter*}.
>What are insinuating? That everyone who uses a symbolic run-time
>de{*filter*} is a lousy programmer?

If the shoe fits....  Yeah, de{*filter*}s can be helpful, but excessive
use turns it into a drug.

>>I have been working on a 32bit DOS extender & 32bit flat memory model
>>Oberon system, and have not been able to use a de{*filter*} at all.  The
>>This is, of course, the general case.  There are good reasons to have
>>a hardware de{*filter*} (cracking old Apple ][+ games, for one thing),
>>but I have never encountered a reason to NEED a de{*filter*} on software
>>(except, maybe, if you are using some crappy third party library or
>>tool (Hmmm, ProtoGen perhaps?))
> Get off your high horse. I would like to see Oberon succeed as much as
> you. I cannot imagine this success without decent debugging
> facilities. And what exists in this respect is ridiculously
> inadequate.

In your opinion.

>>Championing 30 lashes for all C++ lovers!
> While I despise anything that starts with C myself (or MS for that
> matter), your intolerance disgusts me.

You obviously have not been reading c.l.oberon very long.  I have
publically stated several times that I make my living with C++.  It
should also be apparant that these quotes are usually meant to be

However, with your statement, I am forced to recall a Ray Bradbury
story I read in 8th grade.  It turned out that a scientist, who had a
retarded son, had created the ultimate weapon.

A friend came over to the scientists house to convince him not to
release his findings.  The scientist refused, and left the room to
get something.  When he returned, the friend had left, and the
retarded some was sitting in the chair with a loaded pistol.

The scientist was shocked -- after all, who would give a loaded gun
to a retarded child?

More later on: Why allowing CARDINAL is evil incarnate.

Taylor "More Tolerant" Hutt
Championing ONLY 29 lashes for C++ lovers! (isn't that more tolerant?)

Fri, 03 Nov 1995 11:15:57 GMT  
 Response to Edgar


> More later on: Why allowing CARDINAL is evil incarnate.

Yeah, I would like to know. I, for one, miss the feature in any language
doesn't provide full arithmetic capability for unsigned integers.
Why, am I trying to perpetrate low-level sins ? No, I am a mathematician,
specializing in arithmetic. I do routinely calculations modulo integers,
and it is much cleaner to use unsigned in this context.

Why deny me this possibility on ideological reasons ?

Dominique Bernardi.

Sat, 04 Nov 1995 16:45:28 GMT  
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