Dlls in POW! 
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 Dlls in POW!

I apoligize if this is not the correct group for these questions.

I am writing a dll in POW! 16 bit which has some bitmap resources
compiled with it. The dll compiles fine and includes the bitmaps. I am
using another 16 bit language to call this dll and most POW! dlls work
fine. I cannot seems to load any of the bitmaps in the dll using the
Windows.LoadBitmap call. I want to use the dll as a resource dll,
loading all of my bitmaps into the dll.

I have moved the code to a program and the code works fine there.

Any pointers to web sites, FAQs, etc. are welcomed!

Doyle Whisenant


Thu, 29 Aug 2002 03:00:00 GMT  
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