Enumeration in Oberon V4 Texts like in HTML 
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 Enumeration in Oberon V4 Texts like in HTML


> Is there any possiblity within the Oberon V4 system to create
> documents which contain enumeration lists like it is possible to
> do with the HTML tag OL. Is there a possibility to have
> something like UL or description lists?

Other than by hand, or by converting from HTML?  No.  At least not
built-in to the standard text model.  Oberon's texts are streams of
attributed characters (with font, size, color, style) and text elements.
They contain no logical/structural information of the sort that HTML

It seems that it would be possible to implement a TextElem(ent) to play
the role of self-numbering list label.  Perhaps such an element already

-- ben

Tue, 23 Sep 2003 17:01:06 GMT  
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