Native: PPPMain + tasking + Ctrl/Break ? 
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 Native: PPPMain + tasking + Ctrl/Break ?

  This seldom occuring bug which I've been chasing for a long time
shows as follows:
when the ppp 'connection' is unsuccesfull, the next dialup attempt
traces: --------

Dial script startedModem off-line, device 0 closed

Sending [ATZ]
Waiting 10s for [OK] {
 --- and a few seconds pause, then


Dialer: Timed out
Dialer: Script aborted
The modem lights show 'activity', but no dial tone etc. is heard.

This seems to be the problem - System.ShowTasks shows:
NetSystem  PC = 13426  safe  14882775 ready
Oberon  PC = 5015  safe  269259441 waiting 68259ms
PPPMain  PC = 84  unsafe  0 ready   <--- ??!

System.Free PPPMain == PPPMain unloaded
 cause( on the next try to Dial & ppp):
TRAP 1189294  HALT statement (PC Native 11.10.2001)
Unknown EIP = 0029C53CH EBP = 00120018H
...then I have to do a M$ (reboot).

I can't remember how I discovered it, but repeated (until apparently
'the critical time is hit') Ctrl/Break , 'unlocks' the problem.

Someone who understands the tasking can perhaps anaylyse the cause.
The Ctrl/Break unlocking the problem suggests an intreresting timing
effect ?
I'm using version 2001, but I guess that this bug has not yet been 'fixed'
in later versions.

-- Chris Glur.

Mon, 28 Nov 2005 02:16:12 GMT  
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