When will a tricked out GUI Juice editor arise 
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 When will a tricked out GUI Juice editor arise

.> Every time I'm just breaking away from the MicroSoft Machine, I
.> something else that keeps me anchored at bay.  Tonight, while playing
.> with MS_J++, I discovered the database wizard, which with as little
.> three clicks of one's mouse, builds the most elaborate applet front
.> to whichever fully relational database one prefers.  How irresistible
.> this modern day of employment opportunity.
.> I have heard that Juice is a fine contender for Java.  Does anyone
.> if any serious development tools are being authored?

Now you've hit on the frustration of many an Oberon system user, be it
System 3, Juice, Oberon/F (blackbox), V4 ect.  Namely there isn't always
the exact gadget, model/viewer, dialog ect. to accomplish the project
YOU want at that particular time.  Compounding this is the fact that
components you want may be implemented on one system or another, but
not both.  More precisely for the example you cited, there are modules
for accessing ODBC using SQL for System 3, V4 and Oberon/F, but they're
all different and to my knowlege none of them have been ported to Juice.

For Juice this is a particular problem because AFAIK no complete GUI
has been implemented for it yet.  When I first heard about Juice I
assumed that it would implement the System 3 Gadget interface since
it was built ontop of System 3 and it uses the same OMI object code
as System 3.  Alas that was not the case.  I'm not sure if the authors
of Juice were just wanting to get away from the complexity of System 3
programming, or if System 3 is too big to be handled as a plug-in.
The next, and probably more important question, is how to go about
extending Juice?  Can the Juice plug-in load module from the hard
disk (similair to the Java CLASSPATH solution), or must everything
be downloaded from the net?  Is it possible to port Gadgets or some
other GUI to Juice, or do you have to start from scratch?  

These were some of the things I was thinking about when I posted
my "Ultimate Oberon System" article about a month ago.  For Oberon
to be a real contender it needs the following :
* the processor independence of OMI and Juice
  (currently Intel and PowerPC.  Other processors need to be added)
* the ability of Juice to integrate with standard Internet browsers
* the ability to handle full HTML
  (System 3 is getting there.  They've added tables)
* Muti-threading capability
  (I've seen this in Hermes which was implemented on what is now V4,
   the latest version of POW, and a DOS based version of Oberon
   called Edipar Oberon)
* Network objects
  (Hermes again)
* A lot more praticle components such as simple spreadsheets, database
  front ends, charts and graphs ect.  Some of these exist on one
  platform or another (such as the database front ends).  
  Some are simple to implement (such as the charts and graphs).  
  Some are a bit more involved (such as a simple spreadsheets).

If someone came out with a system that had just those features
and kept the programming layout simple they'd have a system I'd
actually be willing to pay for.  However I don't see any of the
major players currently moving in that direction.  

Fri, 28 Jan 2000 03:00:00 GMT  
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