Public domain Oberon modules 
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 Public domain Oberon modules

The Khoros Group at the University of New Mexico has developed
an interesting way in which to distribute and support a large
image processing and signal processing system known as KHOROS.
This system consists of about 450,000 lines of C code; is
distributed essentailly free for individual use, including all
source code, libraries, and binaries; and contains mechanisms
for user contributed code and toolboxes. The Khoros Group
recently formed a small employee-owned company for the
continued support and distribution of KHOROS, known as Kh{*filter*}
Research, Inc.

I believe that the KRI model would make a good model for ETHZ
to follow for the continued support and distribution of Oberon.
In doing so, the people at ETHZ could continue doing what they
do best: education and research. The Oberon developers could
profit from the continued development, support, and maintenance
of the various Oberon releases. ETHZ would continue to own all
of the source code and copyrights. AND, us users would have a
convenient repository for user contributions PLUS access to ALL
of the source code for the various releases. Nobody gets ripped
off and everybody benefits. Khoros is available on a large
number of platforms, including a number of wildcat implementations
supported by the user community.

If anyone is interested in the{*filter*}details, ftp from (, cd into /pub/khoros/release,
and get khoros-FAQ. We are using KHOROS and I'm impressed with
the product, KRI, and how the user community and the KRI
developers are doing business, together. Moreover, KHOROS
seems to be spreading at a very rapid rate.

BTW: The KHOROS software cost us $250 (US) for a distribution
tape containing 170MB of source code, binaries, and libraries
for a Sun 4 running SunOS 4.1.3. The hardcopy for the
documentation was another $100 (US). This stuff is free if you
want to take the time to ftp a zillion files. KRI seems to make
their money from maintenance, support, government contracts,
redistribution licenses ($5,000/yr), and a Consortium which
costs $50,000/yr if you want to be in on the decision making
process. remember, it's free for individual use only.

                     Phone:    303-360-4187 (work)

Sat, 03 Feb 1996 12:12:58 GMT  
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