Oberon System V4 Sources Have Been Made Available 
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 Oberon System V4 Sources Have Been Made Available


>You folks might like to know that the Oberon System V4 sources are now
>available on the neptune ftp server.

Thank you people at ETH!  I've already gone over the compiler source and it
seems strangely similar to Wirth's original published compiler with a few
minor additions (i.e., FOR loops added) but I can't seem to see Oberon-2
method support or even read-only variable support -- unless I've gone

Sigh! I was hoping to get the OP2 compiler, but I guess beggars can't
complain -- and ETH evidently won't release that source as long they make
money from licensing it.

Mike Griebling,
Happy and yet disappointed...

Sat, 12 Apr 1997 19:35:04 GMT  
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