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 DOS Oberon

I just read the rather lengthy article on Oberon in BYTE a few
days ago and immediately FTP'd Oberon for DOS from the site that
they give. Anyway, I wanted to try it out but the docs included
are rather sketchy and sort of give me the impression that I
should figure it out for myself. To add to my dilemma my mouse
just died (this is both good and bad) but Oberon only seems to
work with mouse control. Are there hotkeys?

Also, just to comment on the article in BYTE: I really enjoyed it.
The article not only explained how Oberon works but also gave me
insight into what operating systems will soon evolve into. I'm
hoping the transformation happens quickly because the sooner we
fully realize the power of having object oriented code at the
heart of the operating system the sooner we reap the rewards. What
are your thoughts? (sorry if everyone already commented but I don't
have the time to follow all of the previous threads...)

To sum up: need help with DOS Oberon / my two cents on the whole deal.

Type at you later...


Sun, 22 Oct 1995 14:24:26 GMT  
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