December Oberon Newsletter Available 
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 December Oberon Newsletter Available

OBERON NEWS, December 1994

The Institute for Computer Systems, ETH Zuerich, and the
Oberon User Group of Switzerland are happy to announce
that the December issue of  "Oberon News" is now available
in postscript form (~16 pages) by anonymous internet ftp from

  postscript for A4 paper:     
  postscript for US Letter paper:
  a screen snapshot:            
  in{*filter*}2e format:                     Dec94.tex
  in Oberon V4 text format:             Dec94.OberonV4.Text

The last page of the newsletter is a (big) color
screen snapshot --- this can be found in the Poster
postscript file. A picture of Prof. Wirth giving
the keynote speech at thr JMLC can be found in the
file <Wirth.GIF> (provided by Peter Schulthess, Uni-Ulm).

I would like to take the opportunity to thank everybody
that contributed in one way or another to the newsletter.
We are already accepting contributions for the next
newsletter around the first quarter of next year.

A Merry Christmas and Happy Reading!

Johannes L. Marais
Institute for Computer Systems
ETH Zuerich


* The Joint Modular Languages Conference.
  Peter Schulthess, Department of Distributed Systems, Ulm.

* Oberon Day '94.
  Erich Oswald, The Oberon User Group.

* The Oberon Module Interchange (OMI).
  Michael Franz, Institute for Computer Systems.

* The Hybrid Project.
  Pieter Muller, Johan de Villiers,
  de Villiers de Wet, Jaco Geldenhuys,
  University of Stellenbosch, South Africa.

* PC-Oberon: A Progress Report.
  F. Arickx, J. Broeckhove, T. Van den Eede, L. Vinck,
  Onderzoeksgroep Toegepaste Informatica,
  Universiteit Antwerpen (RUCA), Belgium.

* Dynamic Online Documents in Oberon.
  Ralph Sommerer, Institute for Computer Systems.

* News around Oberon System 3 and Gadgets.
  Johannes L. Marais, Institute for Computer Systems.

* TCP/IP for MacOberon and PowerMac Oberon.
  Daniel Scherer, TIK, ETH Zurich.

* DART-Oberon.
  Libero Nigro, DEIS, Universita' della Calabria, Italy,
  Brian Kirk, Robinson Associates, UK.

* Logic Magicians' Oberon.
  Taylor Hutt, Logic Magician, USA.

* Integrating Multimedia on the workstation Ceres-2.
  Peter Ryser, Institute for Computer Systems.

* Oberon Tutorial.
  Michael Franz, Institute for Computer Systems.

* Power Gadgets Available.
  Andreas Wuertz, TIK, ETH.

* Action-Oberon.
  Eric Hedman, Abo Akademi University, Finland.

  Karl Rege, Institute for Computer Systems.

* Oberon V4 for the PowerMacintosh.
  H. Moessenboeck, Johannes Kepler University, Linz.

* Post Mortem De{*filter*} for Oberon V4.
  M. Hof, Johannes Kepler University, Linz.

* Oberon Dialogs: A Graphical User Interface for Oberon V4.
  Markus Knasmueller, Johannes Kepler University, Linz.

* Oberon/F: Introducing a New Oberon System.
  Cuno Pfister, Oberon microsystems.

* Call for Papers: Oberon Track at the
  First Joint Annual GI-SI Conference 1995.

* Statistics on a Voyage to Oberon.
  G. Sawitzki, Universitaet Heidelberg.

* Recent Publications.

* Accessing The Internet By E-Mail.
  "Doctor Bob" Rankin.

* Oberon Source Code.
  Stefan Ludwig, Institute for Computer Systems.

* Programmieren in Oberon --- Das neue Pascal.
  Josef Templ.

* Miscellaneous Oberon Software
  Johannes L. Marais, Institute for Computer Systems.

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