My final word on word size 
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 My final word on word size

A wise man once said "let's argue to learn, not to win".  Well it's
clear by some who wish to play word games as to whether "C code is
code" or calling ideas "communism" that they care only about
winning and are apparently incapable of learning.

That being said, here's what I've gained from the disscussion,
despite the childishness of the participants.

* AOS can do both stand-alone and "system" apps.  (I might have
read that before and forgotten it.  Who knows.)

* There are different approaches to the 64/32 bit "problem".  I'm
reminded of the saying "don't make the cure worse than the
disease."  The approaches used by both OOC and AOS have their
drawbacks.  These drawbacks have less to do with the "goals"
in mind than with the simple give and take of programming.
Both solutions (real or proposed) can handle 64 bit addressing.
The OOC solution can handle 64 bit numbers and array indices
provided that you make changes to the source code.  The AOS
solution gives you 64 bit numbers and array indices
"automatically" but your program may crash without warning
if you don't make changes.  For some strange reason neither
side in this debate can see anything but the flaws in the
other person's work.

* Attempts to hide the underlying architecture of the machine
are a mistake.  Both solutions attempt to do just that.  At
some point the programmer is simply going to have to realize
"hey, I'm programming on a different machine.  I'm going to
have to take that into consideration and make the necessary
changes to my source code."  In the OOC solution you have to
make source code changes if you want things to be 64 bit.
In AOS solution you have to make changes to keep Files.WriteLInt
from crashing your program.

* This should have really no bearing on creating standard
libraries.  Someone who uses such a library under OOC would
naturally have a "32 bit resticted" library but there are a
lot of 32 bit machines out there.  It will be up to the OOC
group to created 64 bit versions of these same libraries.

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 My final word on word size

Fri, 31 May 2002 03:00:00 GMT  
 My final word on word size


And the Oberon world will be better served.

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Fri, 31 May 2002 03:00:00 GMT  
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