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 Mod/pas To C Translation

Hi Walter,

 > We're looking for an automatic translator to convert from Modula
 > to
 > C++, or failing that, from Pascal to C. Source availability would
 > be a
 > definite plus, though not required if it's more than a toy. With

I have two Pascal 2 C compilers in C source....

 > something on the order of 100K lines to convert, simply applying a
 > set
 > of string substitutions won't cut it. We're also interested in
 > fortran-to-C translators for another smaller project. Anybody know

... , a FORTRAN 2 C compiler and a PL/M 2 C compiler.

They are all PD/free/shareware and all of them are available in C source. You may request them from me (2:244/8580) or if you have access
to internet, you easily can find the location to get the stuff - in nearly every university there are those sources available.


uucp: uunet!m2xenix!puddle!2!244!8580!Klaus.Scheller

Mon, 25 Apr 1994 06:50:00 GMT  
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