Using modula-2.el under Emacs : compiling and linking : help 
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 Using modula-2.el under Emacs : compiling and linking : help

I've been experimenting with Emac's modula-2.el.
I've successfully compiled individual modules using the
"m2-compile" command,  but I have not found a way to
compile several modules at one time. That is, the "m2-compile"
command compiles the program in the current buffer and
doesn't prompt the user for a file name. Am I missing
something or is there a hac which will allow me to use
"m2-compile" on all buffers in modula-2-mode at once ?

I am also experimenting with the "m2-link" command.
Strangely, it only prompts the user for a set of object files
once and saves the list of object files.  It looks to me like
if one decides to link a new set of modules
he must exit Emacs and then re-enter Emacs. Am I missing
something or is there a way around this?

Actually, I haven't successfully used the  command
"m2-link". On my system I am setting the link command to

 ld -X -o a.out /lib/crt0.o /usr/lib/mod/modlib -lg -lpc -lm -lci

It seems to work OK except for the fact that it is not finding the
primitive modula2 libraries.  Perhpas I will find the additional file
I need to include via trial and error, but it would be nice to know that
I am on the right track.

All help will be greatly appreciated.



Fri, 04 Aug 1995 05:43:46 GMT  
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