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 Oberon usage poll summary

Oberon usage poll summary

This is a summary of an informal poll about usage of Oberon.
Thanks to everybody who replied. The summary does not list
names or organisations and only those comments, that seem to be of
general interest.
Comments added by myself are marked by a leading $.

Number of replies: 24
academic: 11
industry: 13
$ Thanks to everybody for taking the time to  reply.

Machines: number of replies
        Sparc: 9
        Mac: 6
        Dos: 4
        MIPS: 3
        Amiga: 2
        VAX: 1
        RS/6000: 1
$ I think this roughly reflects the popularity of various machines in the academic
$ and industrial world and the time Oberon has been made available for them.
$ (some people are using Oberon on more then one machine)

        personal education
        prototyping programs in Oberon first
        validation of proprietary Oberon compilers
        freeware programming
        2D image processing
        compiler writing

        high: 16
        medium: 2
        low: 2
$ the low and medium cases mainly express that the system didn't work
properly due to non-standard hardware or OS configuration.

                Oberon is a very exciting project which has improved my knowledge
                of software engineering immensly.

                We would like to use Oberon in some project work
                but with the current lack of easily available information, we dare not
                use it.
$ note that there are two books on Oberon currently available.

                A nice language for compiler work.

                Docu for some modules is miserable or non-existant (e.g. Picture system)
                Suggestion: establish an Oberon-PD archive

                The documentation was useless:  I couldn't use Oberon until I got the
                ACM book.

                ... However, because access to the source code for
                the system is restricted by current ETHZ distribution policies,
                the usefulness of the system is very limited to us.
$ the source code of the whole system will be published in book form, too.
$ This third book about Oberon should be available at October 92.

                Especially for building Compilers, Enumeration would be usefull.

                The Oberon-2 language would benefit
                from initializers for aggregrates and read-only dynamic arrays.
                It is important to note that multi-tasking and exception handling are
                not missed.

                The MacII version is not Oberon-2.
                The assumed POINTER dereferencing is wonderful; it makes
                POINTERS almost painless to work with!
                Multidimensional OPEN ARRAYS are very convenient and add
                enormously to the power of Oberon.
                A de{*filter*}, please!
                Oberon-2 is the best language I know of today, it has the right
                combination of simplicity and power.

                I like especially the module concept and the
                extensibility of records; but, not only for low-level
                applications, I miss the weak typing, the pointer
                arithmetics, the operators, and the assembler aspects in
                general, of C.

Josef Templ
(the usual disclaimer)

Tue, 27 Dec 1994 17:18:17 GMT  
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