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 JPI Topspeed & MS-Windows / CoRoutines

We are working on adding a Windows-based GUI to a UI-less Modula-2 library
using JPI TopSpeed Modula-2 v3.02.

A servere problem appears to be the fact that this compiler version
is not able to support coroutines in Windows applications because
according to JPI coroutines have been implemented using a memory model
called Multi Threaded that is not available under Windows.

We couldn`t figure out why JPI implemented the non-preemptive multitasking
supplied by the M2 coroutine-concept in this way. The library to be expanded
uses coroutines and we can`t imagine how to develope an Windows-application
using Modula-2-coroutines. Solutions might be:

  o   using Windows-mechanisms to create coroutines? (how???)

  o   implementing a new module with OurNEWPROCESS() and OurTRANSFER()
      replacing the JPI-routines? (this should have been done by JPI!!!)

Any ideas? Has anybody written such routines already?


Marcus, Ralph and Martin


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Mon, 15 May 1995 22:41:19 GMT  
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