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 Modula-2 & windows

Cedric Baechler (2:301/714.74) writes to Jon Guthrie:

 >> I use this compiler for all my OS/2 programming, and I like it a

 >The problem is that this compiler generates only 16-bit code. I
 >have no idea if a 32-bit version is in work.

As of about three weeks ago, the guys at Stony Brook were not planning
an OS/2 2.0 compiler.  (They ARE on the verge of a new release,
though.)  However, for the time being  16-bit OS/2 code is better than
none at all.  I am using Modula-2 because none of the C compilers that
I have access to have all of the files necessary to do OS/2.  Besides
which, I would rather work in Modula than C.  (Which may be an odd
attitude for the moderator of the FidoNet C_ECHO to take, but I like

uucp: uunet!m2xenix!puddle!3645!20!Jon.Guthrie

Fri, 12 May 1995 19:05:24 GMT  
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