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 CS2 textbooks using modul

AS>Date: Mon, 19 Oct 1992 21:34:26 GMT
AS>Organization: New Mexico Tech, USA

AS>Newsgroups: comp.lang.modula2,comp.lang.misc,comp.edu

AS>I'm looking for a second-semester programming course (CS2: data
structures a
AS>algorithms) textbook which uses Modula-2 in its examples.  Since
our CS1
AS>course uses Pascal, a section which summarizes the differences
between Pasca
AS>and Modula-2 would be a helpful feature.

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I'd recommend "Data Structures and Algorithms with Modula-2" from
Philippe J. Gabrini & Barry L. Kurtz.  That's exactly what you need!
Here's an overview of the book, chapter by chapter;

1)Data Types and Data Structures
3)Searching, Sorting, and the Analysis of Algorithms
4)Abstract Data Types
5)Linear Lists
6)Stack and Recursion
9)Binary Search Trees
10)Special Purpose Trees
11)Internal and External Sorting
13)Character Strings
14)Generalized Lists

  and many more!!  It also comes with resolved exercises( on a
  which are bundled in librairies!  Every exercise is re-used to
  construct something else!  It is a 650 pages book with a really
  complete Appendice section related to structured programming,
  syntax, Pascal to Modula-2 conversion, Program verification,
  analysis, choice of data structures, implementation, maintenance,

  Through all the book, pointers are pre{*filter*}...  But this book is
  much more than what I listed before!  The authors also insisted on
  "thinking", I mean all details, all solutions, problems are listed
  a way that the student really understand "why should I do it THAT
  way",what is the problem, what are the alternatives at my disposal,

  Really, this is ***THE*** book on Modula-2!

  This book is around 75$ CAN.

  Data Structures and Algorithms with Modula-2, Philippe J. Gabrini &
  Barry L. Kurtz, D. C. HEATH AND COMPANY, Lexington, Massachusetts,
  1992.  650 pages.  ISBN :  0-669-12304-8

  Hope this helps...

 * SLMR 2.1a * Please, support genetic algorithms...

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