TDI Modula-2 Library Sources Available? Help! 
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 TDI Modula-2 Library Sources Available? Help!

I have recently rediscovered my TDI Modula-2 version 3.01 disks and I
thought I might use Modula for a project which I am starting.  I know that
TDI appears to fallen off the planet, but does anyone out there have the
SOURCES for their libraries.  I know they were available at one time
directly from TDI.  I purchased the developer's version and every upgrade
and just about everything TDI produced EXCEPT the sources for the libaries
themselves.  Would anyone have a copy they would care to sell?

I gave up on TDI Modula-2 a couple of years ago and pretty much moved to
assembler for everything but the application I'm writing just begs for
something like GRIDFILE so I thought I'd dust off Modula-2.  There were
some real quirks I'd like to fix, particularly in the GEMLIB but I'd also
like to rewrite GEMX and produce a smaller kernel for quick and dirty
utils.  Something as simple as a HELLO.MOD minimal program comes out around
2K where I can do the same thing in assembler in 70 bytes.  Anyway, I

Alternatively, could someone point me to whoever has the rights to TDI
Modula-2 now that TDI is defunct.  Is Phil Camp still around or did he fall
off the planet with TDI?

Any and all assistance would be appreciated.  There have been some
excellent looking Modula-2 implementations coming out of Europe, but most
of what I've seen is in German and I'm a mono-lingual Canadian.

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Wed, 22 Jun 1994 10:41:35 GMT  
 TDI Modula-2 Library Sources Available? Help!
[some stuff deleted]
>There were
>some real quirks I'd like to fix, particularly in the GEMLIB

[rest deleted]

For a replacement GEMLIB, you might want to check out crystal.zoo at [], in the /atari/programming
directory, if my memory serves me right.
Thomas Koenig

Wed, 22 Jun 1994 19:56:19 GMT  
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