New Modula-2 Textbook Review 
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 New Modula-2 Textbook Review

This is a short review of a new text book entitled "Abstract Data Types
in Modula-2" which I thought may be of interest to the readers of this

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"Abstract Data Types in Modula-2", R.Harrison
Publisher: John Wiley, ISBN Number: 0 471 92230 7

This new text emphasises the use of Abstract Data Types (ADT's) as a
programming tool, and the importance of deriving programs from their
The usual ADT's are covered: lists, queues, stacks, sets, trees, tables and
graphs. A set of procedures is defined for each ADT and then used
to manipulate the data type.
A quite unusual approach is the functional style in which the programs
are written - making the resultant code more elegant, robust and less
susceptible to side-effects.
The appendices include language syntax diagrams (a very useful reference),
standard utility modules, an introduction to Modula-2 for Pascal programmers
and a review of the use of pointers.
The book is especially suitable for undergraduates reading Computer
Science and anyone interested in using Modula-2 for software development.
 Andrew Josey,  AT&T UNIX Software Operation Europe,
 International House, Ealing Broadway, London W5 5DB, England, UK

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Fri, 19 Mar 1993 13:52:00 GMT  
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