Oberon CopyFromDOS problems 
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 Oberon CopyFromDOS problems

    In my discussions with the people from ETH, I have found that the
    following syntax will work:

    System.CopyFromDOS dosfile => Oberon.File.Name

    I have a document at home (email, actually) which describes the
    CopyToDOS parameters.  I believe they are the same, but who would want
    to copy OUT of Oberon? :-)  In any event, if you need to copy out of
    Oberon -- just ask, and I will bring the stuff in and tell you how to do

    For example, to copy your autoexec.bat into an Oberon file called

    System.CopyFromDOS c:\autoexec.bat => My.Autoexec.Bat ~

    Hope this helps

    (No, I am not in the Army!)

Sat, 14 Jan 1995 03:14:00 GMT  
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