Real Change! 
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 Real Change!

       On Tuesday, November 3, 1992, be sure to cast YOUR vote for

    R   R  O   O  S      S          P   P  E      R   R  O   O    T
    RRRR   O   O  SSSSS  SSSSS      PPPP   EEEE   RRRR   O   O    T
    R  R   O   O      S      S      P      E      R  R   O   O    T
    R   R  OOOOO  SSSSS  SSSSS      P      EEEEE  R   R  OOOOO    T

        The Demcrats and Republicans have each had plenty of time to fix
        the problems of this country.  They haven't..and obviously cannot.

    Don't fall for their tactics to get YOU to vote for who THEY want.

    Make history this Tuesday by taking the first in a series of steps
    to return the United States of America to the control of the people,
    as our forefathers intended it to be.  Vote PEROT, the ONLY choice.

uucp: uunet!m2xenix!puddle!Concerned.Citizen

Fri, 21 Apr 1995 10:18:40 GMT  
 Real Change!

under the subject 'Real Change!':

>     R   R  O   O  S      S          P   P  E      R   R  O   O    T
>     RRRR   O   O  SSSSS  SSSSS      PPPP   EEEE   RRRR   O   O    T
>     R  R   O   O      S      S      P      E      R  R   O   O    T
>     R   R  OOOOO  SSSSS  SSSSS      P      EEEEE  R   R  OOOOO    T

I'd rather go for :-)

              /_______  /\ERBERUS ________
              \______/ / /       / ____   \BERON________
                 ___/ /_/       / / ___\  /\   / ______/\
                /__  __/\      / / /   / / /  / /\_____\/LUB
                \_/ /\_\/     / / /   / / /  / / /
                 / /_/____   /  \/___/ / /  / /_/____
                /_________/\ \________/ /  /________/\
                \_________\/  \_______\/   \________\/

your posting arrived to late. I got it in 06-Nov-1992.
At this time, Clint Eastwood was already elected. Hope he'll fix your troubles.

Guenter 8-)=

Tue, 25 Apr 1995 16:55:00 GMT  
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