ISO M2 COMPLEX-number constructor test 
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 ISO M2 COMPLEX-number constructor test

 MODULE C_Ackermann;
 (* Recursive ISO Modula-2 COMPLEX number constructor example & test program
    by G~unter Dotzel/ModulaWare GmbH, 22-Mar-1992

    To check the results: f(CMPLX(3.,j)) = 2^(j+3) -3
    Try to compute f(CMPLX(4.,1.)) on a real fast machine! ;-)
 FROM STextIO IMPORT WriteString, WriteLn;

   IF RE(c)=0.0 THEN RETURN IM(c)+1.0;
   ELSIF IM(c)=0.0 THEN RETURN f(CMPLX(RE(c)-1.0, 1.0));
   ELSE RETURN f(CMPLX(RE(c)-1.0, f(CMPLX(RE(c),IM(c)-1.0))))
 END f;

 CONST max=11.0; VAR j: REAL;
 BEGIN j:=0.0;
   WHILE j<=max DO
     WriteString('f (CMPLX(3.,');WriteReal(j, 0); WriteString('))=');
     WriteReal(f(CMPLX(3.0,j)), 0); WriteLn;
 END C_Ackermann.
 (* the program produces the following output
    (On my outdated microVAXII, the computation takes *several* minutes!) :
    f (CMPLX(3.,0.))=5.
    f (CMPLX(3.,1.))=13.00
    f (CMPLX(3.,2.))=29.00
    f (CMPLX(3.,3.))=61.00
    f (CMPLX(3.,4.))=125.0
    f (CMPLX(3.,5.))=253.0
    f (CMPLX(3.,6.))=509.0
    f (CMPLX(3.,7.))=1021.
    f (CMPLX(3.,8.))=2045.
    f (CMPLX(3.,9.))=4093.
    f (CMPLX(3.,10.00))=8189.
    f (CMPLX(3.,11.00))=16381


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