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Never heard of brass tits?  Come to think of it, neither have I...on the
other hand you most certainly have heard of brass least read of
them.  Speak the words just once and you have heard of them.  Let's coin a
new and popular phrase, i.e., "brass tits," as in, that woman has brass
tits.  I would assume that a woman with brass titties would be rather
ruthless, without the normal (I hope this does not sound sexist) feelings of
a compassionate woman with soft and warm mamillaries.

A footnot for mind-{*filter*} time someone asks you have you heard of
this, that or the other person, thing, idea, obscure rock or bible verse,
say yes.  You are not lying at all.  You have just heard of it from the one
who asked the question.

},-*) (I am wearing an eye-patch to prevent binocular distortion)...

Please stopping co-operating.  It confuses me.  Thanks for you co-operation.  

uucp: uunet!m2xenix!puddle!282!341.0!Hugh.Read

Tue, 06 Apr 1993 21:55:00 GMT  
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