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 Oberon compiler information

    the Oberon compilers.

    The source to the Oberon compilers is not publicly available however,
    you can license the front end and/or the back end for the Oberon-2
    compiler from ETH for 1000 Swiss Francs.  The license agreement does
    prohibits you from redistributing the source, but you are free to do
    whatever you want with any derivative product, provided you give ETH
    credit for the original compiler source.
    You are also required to make ETH aware of your product, and provide the
    product to them should they ask.  It does not state if it needs to be
    source or executable code, however.

    It is a pretty loose agreement, but not so loose to hinder ETH.
    1000 SFr is about 757 dollars, as of last month.

    If you would like the entire text of the license agreement, let me know,
    and I will be happy to type it in.

    other languages.  I am interested in finding the source to an M2
    compiler, and if there are any (in M2 preferably), please let me know.
    (Preferably a free one).

Sun, 15 Jan 1995 00:22:00 GMT  
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