JPI Modula 2 and damaged floppy disks 
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 JPI Modula 2 and damaged floppy disks

We have had many instances of damaged directory and fat tables on
floppy disks used by our students running JPI Modula2 v1.14 and v1.16.  
The students are on a Novell 2.15 network, and normally don't have access
to a hard disk, so all their work files are on floppy.  I originally
assumed that JPI were checking for a (hardware provided) disk change
signal, which of course does not exist on older style XT disk controllers,
and we reduced the incidence of problems by telling students never to remove  
their diskettes until after they had exited from Modula 2.

Now I seem to have evidence of the same problem on an AT (which does have
disk change signals).  Has anyone else seen this?  Is there anyone else
actually running this software under similar conditions?  Does anyone know
if the same thing happens in Version 2?


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Sun, 24 Oct 1993 23:11:13 GMT  
 JPI Modula 2 and damaged floppy disks
I saw this all the time when I was using JPI v 1.17 (or was it 1.14?) on
my floppy-only portable system.  It seemed to occur when the disks were
almost full and I was editting a large file.  The editor writes out some
temp files and if it can't, it croaks taking the disk with it.  Not a
very robust design.  Swapping disks is also a definite No No since the
editor leaves files open and with the way DOS works that means when you
swap disks the old disk's FAT is written over the new disk.

On my Big System I have had the JPI editor die and trash the files I was
editting three times (in about a year) though it doesn't trash the whole
harddisk (thank goodness!).  It is obvious when this happens as the
files on the screen are all jumbled up.  If you immediately re-boot
without doing anything else the copies on disk probably won't be trashed
(though any changes are, of course, lost).  I did this the last two
times successfully.  If the files do get trashed (as mine did the first
time when I quit from the editor), run CHKDSK and save the disk area it
finds as files.  These files will have the correct source in them though
it will be all mixed up.  I managed to piece my source back together
from these and what was left in the "real" files.  It happens so
infrequently that I haven't been able to see any pattern as to when it
happens other than the files I was editting were very large.

I only use 2.0 for a couple of programs that can't be compiled with 1.17
so I don't know if it suffers from the same problems.  2.0 won't work on
a floppy-only system; it's just too large.

- Bill Seurer         Programming Support   IBM Rochester, MN

Sun, 24 Oct 1993 21:39:57 GMT  
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