Oberon 1.0 for MSDOS / 80386 
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 Oberon 1.0 for MSDOS / 80386

    People seem to be having some difficulty running the new Oberon system
    from ETH for the 386.  The only trouble I have had is in learning the
    new software (I do not have the Oberon Guide yet).

    Here is a copy of a config.sys that works for me:

SHELL=c:\4dos\4dos.com c:\4dos /p /e:160

    My autoexec simply has one line:  mouse.

    I had a two button mouse hooked up, and like someone else (I am using
    the stinky cc:Mail which does not support quoting, or most other
    niceties so I do not recall who) was under the impression that my
    2 button mouse would emulate 3 buttons, but alas it did not.

    I have had several brief mail conversations with the author of the
    system, and this is what I have been able to determine:

    o ETH has very few MS-DOS machines, so they are not very familiar with
    o He has written his own DOS extender, thus the reason for no memory
      managers.  Oberon 1.0 puts itself into protected mode.
    o He recognizes the fact that he may have to write to the VCPI or DPMI
      specs in future versions.  I have suggested DPMI, or even using
      DESQview/X (which would be neat).

    If you have any problems with the system, there is an address in the
    readme file to which you should mail your problems (basically, it is the
    secretary of the author).

    I would also be glad to help you with any problems you are having, as I
    have not had any problems with the system (except one non-reproducible
    crash).  I like it (even though it would be better on a larger
    resolution system.)

    If you are not familiar with the Oberon system, I would be happy to
    mail you Oberon.Guide.Text (from the SPARC implementation) and
    Oberon.Guide.ps.  These two documents should help you understand how the
    system works (but is not a complete description).  It also has several
    short tutorials on the system programming.

    Please respond to:

    (No, I am not in the army.... :-))

Sat, 07 Jan 1995 23:24:00 GMT  
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