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 looking for modula2 environment


>   Our company is looking for a modula-2 environment for msdos. We've looked
>   at several of the available compilers, and it seems that either
>   JPI or Stoneybrook will do.

  I can say a couple of words about JPI 'cause it is used in our company about
3 years.

  We are using TopSpeed v3.0 now, but we used v1.X and 2.X also. I can't
recommend v1.X because it generates not very efficient code, but I think
v3.X will be OK. It allows to generate very efficient code, to use different
memory models. It has a special library for working with RS232 and simple
graphics library. All libraries can be got with sources.

  As I know there are exists some third-party libraries for this environment.
For example, PMI's libraries. As I know there is exist library realized
window machine in graphics.

Best regards,

Fri, 06 May 1994 10:06:33 GMT  
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