.Z Format in FTP servers? 
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 .Z Format in FTP servers?

Hello Modulants!!

    Anybody of you know about the ".Z" format file?. I'd like to
    get some files from FTP but I don't know how to "uncompress"
    or "unformat" they. Is this a Compression Format? & Where can
    I get the UnCompress Program?. Any Information about This will
    be apreciated ! :)

    Changao: I'm finishing the semester, so I couldn't send you
             more Info about ModulCase. But I'll be comming here
             to School this Summer to finish a Proyect. Send me
             your account in BitNet or InterNet Ok? (and more info
             about you (* Full name, Address, Hobbies...Etc *)

                                  Thanks in Advance!!

                                        MotiFont  *8^)

Mon, 24 Oct 1994 07:27:08 GMT  
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