Read in 'raw'-mode 
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 Read in 'raw'-mode

I have a problem with Read(VAR c:CHAR), to be more specific i have two problems:

 1. Read echoes every character on the terminal
 2. Read buffers every line

I would need a procedure, which directly reads me every key, without buffering
it and without echo on the screen.
I think a possible solution (at least in MSDOS)is reading from a file opened with
"CON", and switching in raw-mode. But "CON" seems to be unknown in UNIX,
and i have no idea how to switch to raw-mode!
The solution needs not to be perfect, more important to me is, that it should
be easy enough for me(quite unexperienced) to understand and to have it
working until friday.

PS: Maybe important: I'm working on a HP700-Workstation under UNIX,
                     with the mocka-Compiler.
                                                -- Tobias.

Sat, 02 Nov 1996 00:37:20 GMT  
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