Parallel programming in Modula-2 and real time systems. 
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 Parallel programming in Modula-2 and real time systems.

Parallel programming in Modula-2 and real time systems.

this group to a real time kernel for Modula-2 by Georg Maier, ETH Zuerich.
He also asked for other such systems and literature for educational use.
Sorry for this late response.

A longer article in MODUS Quarterly, issue 7 of February 1987, comes to mind.
"Building an OS with Modula-2" by B. Justice, S. Osborne & V. Willis.  In
about 25 pages they describe an operating system kernel for an MSDOS based PC.
The system was written using Logitec Modula-2.

I haven't looked at it for a long time, but when I tested it then, it seemed
quite robust and complete (the code was available from the authors).  The
following is based on the authors abstract:

The kernel supports multi-programming with a preemptive scheduler, device
interface, queue management and a time out request server.  It is claimed to
be complete enough to develop interactive, real time and concurrent
processing applications.  The kernel allows for application design based on
cooperating processes and monitors.

The authors also present an application allowing multiple files to be copied
simultaneously using multiprocessing.  Part of the application is a window
subsystem allowing user input and output from a menu process.

Ole-Bjorn Tuftedal

Dept. of Information Science
University of Bergen, Norway

Fri, 06 Jan 1995 18:59:10 GMT  
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