Multi-Threaded Floating Point under JPI Modula-2 3.02 
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 Multi-Threaded Floating Point under JPI Modula-2 3.02

JPI Modula-2 3.02 causes a protection violation under OS/2 (1.3)
(reference out of stack bounds) when I try to do any floating point in
a thread other than thread 1. I have plenty of stack space, and the
address it is trying to reference happens to be the value that I
initialise the thread stack with.

I am using multi-threaded libraries (in this case, the dynalink memory
model). The problem appears to be with the floating point emulator,
since the program has no problems on a 486, only on a 386 with no
copro, and the exception occurs on the first floating point instruction

While I'm waiting for a reply from JPI/Clarion, has anybody encountered
the problem (it's pretty simple, I'd just never done much floating
point before), and if so, do you have any solutions/workarounds. I have
the techkit with the emulator source code, but I haven't bothered trying
to debug that.

I suppose I could switch the development machine to OS/2 2.0 (which
emulates the FPU itself), but the target machine is a 286.

Tue, 03 Jan 1995 06:03:40 GMT  
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