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> If both the interface and the implementation are in one file, how do you
> tell when only the implementation was changed?  This is very important for
> large projects.  Some of the projects that I have been involved with contain
> more than a million lines of code.  These projects (done in Ada) would take
> several DAYS just to compile.  If the interface to a package was changed,
> we would have to go through that horrendous compile cycle whereas if just
> the implementation was changed, we only needed to relink.  How does Oberon
> handle this?

     You need to wait several days for your Ada programs to ber compiled? Then
you should switch to Oberon! These compilers are usually very fast. I think
instead of waiting days you will not even have time for a coffee break. :-)

     A new symbol file for the interface is generated each time you compile
the module. Then it is compared to the old one by the compiler. If the
symbol files are all the same except for the time stamp, the compiler will
delete the new symbol file and the old is kept.  Otherwise the old one is
deleted (or is kept with a version number one less than the new one with
our implementation of Oberon-2 for on VAX/VMS).

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