Summary of Seek ELIZA-liked Source Codes!!! 
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 Summary of Seek ELIZA-liked Source Codes!!!


>I am looking for some source codes that converse with the user, such
>as ELIZA or DOCTOR. QuickBasic and Pascal codes are prefered (P.S. I try to
>avoid Lisp and Prolog as much as possible.)

> .... [Deleted] ....

Since then, I have received many helpful e-mails. Thank you very much to
eveyone whom replied my posting, I really appreciate your help!

There is a brief summary of what I have received:

P.S. Thanks, Maupie!!!

Lee 1991 03 05

-------------------------SUMMARY HERE---------------------------------

A good Eliza-clone LISP-source is included with the
muLISP-87. It runs in MS-DOS environment and is
produced by Soft Warehouse (Honolulu).  

        Tanel Tammet


A source (in C64 BASIC) for ELIZA is Compute!'s Gazette, June 1984.
Hope it helps...


`doctor' comes with emacs.  You can find `eliza' in BASIC in `101 more
computer games', edited by David Ahl, published by Creative Computing.


Julia (a.k.a. Colin) is a robot which interacts with people in the
multi-user game TinyMUD.  Try anonymous ftp from,
in directory /usr/mlm/ftp.  The README file and robot.tar.Z are
most relevant.  The code is in C for Unix workstations.  For more
on the game, check out



The book "More BASIC computer games", edited by David Ahl, has the BASIC
listing to ELIZA. It might be a bit hard to find though, as the book is
probably out of print.  Other non-academic books about AI on microcomputers
tend to have versions of Eliza as well.




  Herbert Schildt "Artificial Intelligence using C"

you will find several simple versions of DOCTOR.


   I've got Eliza in BASIC, although at the moment I forget whether it's
GWBASIC for my IBM-clone, or Atari BASIC on my old 8-bit Atari 800XL.
Shouldn't really matter, BASIC is BASIC basically (no pun intended!).
If you don't find another source, I could mail you a print-out.


Hi Lee!

A very good friend of my saw your request and mailed it to me, because he
knows of my project of Suzanne.

I also posted a message that I was looking for a good Eliza a year ago.
I got a few responses, most of them were people who wanted Eliza to, but
one of them had a source of it in BASIC. It was a very nice one.

I asked for it because I wanted to build an Eliza in our Relay-system. And
it works now! I transleted the source to standard-Pascal, and called it
Suzanne. I'm still working on it, because it can be more and more better,
but it works. Suzanne goes to a private channel on relay (I assume you know
the relay-program). Whenever someone sents a message to her or when someone
invites her, she sends an invitation back. When the user comes to the right
channel, the chat starts.

.... [Deleted] ....



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