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I have downloaded GPMPC but when I run the my computer stops. I
have a  TopSpeed Modula-2 V2 compiler that I use, but I thougth that if I
can get a compilers source code then I could modify it to add more things to
it. Like a list-,queue-,stack-,database-handlers.
   Can someone tell me why, when I just unzip the .zip-file and try to
compile the 'hello.mod'-program, it compiles it, but then gives some strange
  Can it create a .EXE file that can run under a DOS pentuim machine or must
it have a ?UNIX OS?
  The machine I have is a 200 Mhz Pentuim, 850 Mb HD, a CD, a Colorado 250
MB tape, a 1.2 MB floppy, and a 1.44 stiffy drive, and a SVGA, and a HP 610C
  I'm busy finishing an extremely fast and very economical (space-wise)
database program.
  I've been using Modula-2 since 1987.

Thu, 11 Dec 2003 21:06:36 GMT  
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