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under the subject 'Re: MS-DOS Oberon Compiler':

General remarks on Oberon V1.0 for '386:

I've successfully installed Oberon under dr.dos 5.0 (it won't run when
the ethernet connection to my VMS file server is loaded and I have to start
Oberon from the local hard disk)

I was able to compile, edit, store and execute the sample program BioRhythm.

What didn't work is compiling RandomNumbers which is imported by another
example IFS.Mod. The Oberon Systemlog window displays

compiling RandomNumbers.Mod

and then the Oberon system freezed everything incl. ctrl/alt DEL

The problem was that I've a '386SX without '387 and RandomNumbers.Mod
uses real arithmetic. There was a note that a fp-coprocessor is needed
to do real arithmetic, but this should produce a trap or error message
instead of freezing the machine.

Further investigation showed me that

1. Compiler: it's an Oberon[-1] compiler and not Oberon-2
2. it has severe 16 bit limitations (no more tan 64 KB of data is allowed
   per compilation unit (V86 segmented mode, not flat mode)
3. the index type for array can't be LONGINT
4. diskette backup/directory doesn't work (traps on my system)
5. I was not able to find the utilities CopyFromDOS and CopyToDOS, mentioned

Guenter Dotzel, ModulaWare GmbH, Wilhelmstr. 17A, D-W 8520 Erlangen/F.R.Germany
Tel. +49 (9131) 208395, Fax +49 (9131) 28205.

Thu, 12 Jan 1995 20:58:00 GMT  
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