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 Oberon-2 compiler

Following is a press announcement form Real Time Associates:


EXTACY - Oberon-2 & Modula-2 development system.

Continuing the evolution of Niklaus Wirth inspired programming
languages  - Algol, Pascal and Modula-2 - RTA are pleased to
announce the first commercial implementation of the new Wirth
language, Oberon-2.

Oberon-2 builds upon Modula-2 by offering proper Object Oriented
programming facilities,whilst not distracting from the inherently
'safe' mechanisms intrinsic in the previous languages.

The RTA EXTACY package contains both a Modula-2 and an Oberon-2
compiler to allow existing Modula-2 (or Pascal) users to migrate
to Oberon-2. Both of the EXTACY compilers generate ANSI C as
intermediate code - preserving original program design, quality
and meaning - even extending to carrying forward original program

EXTACY can therefore be used as a seamless Modula-2 or Oberon-2
compiler, or as a C code generator. Apart from generating ANSI C,
EXTACY can be simply switched to produce older forms of C code -
for example, using K&R style function prototypes.

EXTACY provides the software engineer with the opportunity to
design and writetruly portable  programs in a much higher, Object
Oriented, comprehensible and safer language. Apart from  providing
a wealth of standard and extended Modula-2 and Oberon-2 libraries,
EXTACY allows for the reuse of existing C or Modula-2 libraries and
contains important development aids such as a MAKE script generator.

EXTACY is available for most popular processing platforms, such as
PC/MS-DOS, Unix Workstations (Sun, HP, DEC, MIPS, etc), Macintosh,
VAX/VMS, Amiga and many more.

For more details on the EXTACY software engineering breakthrough,
contact Steve Collins (details below)
Real Time Associates Ltd                 Telephone UK  (081) 656 7333/4/5
 Canning House, 59 Canning Road,                  INT +44 81 656 7333/4/5
   Croydon, Surrey                             Fax UK  (081) 655 0401
    CRO 6QF UK                                    INT +44 81 655 0401
                 Email : Compuserve : 100023,145


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