Problem: MS-DOS Oberon and copy(to/from)msdos 
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 Problem: MS-DOS Oberon and copy(to/from)msdos

Wow Oberon for MSDOS

I installed MS-DOS Oberon. It works fine, but (is there always but) I can't
make it copy DOS files to OBERON\ directory or files from OBERON\ directory to
floppy disk (or hard disk) in MS-DOS directory.

As a matter of fact I made Dos copy to OBERON\ directory and binedited a file
filename.Text (or something) it seemed to work. But then I copied some more
and binedited and made type error. After that attemps to start Oberon made the
system crash. So it is hard and hazardous.

What I am saying is that System.CopyFrom/ToMsDos seems not to work with me.
I would like to have some help here. You can assume I am simpleton.

Backup.Format/Init/Write etc. seems to work.


Fri, 13 Jan 1995 22:34:38 GMT  
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