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 p1 compiler wanted

I need an older version of the p1 Modula-2 compiler.  If you
have a legal copy (with documentation) that you no longer use
or need, please sell it to me.  To encourage you, let me
propose that I'll take the best offer I get in March 1997,
even if the price is over $100.  I'd rather not pay $500.

This p1 compiler is the target language for Pittman's TAG
compiler.  A transformational attribute grammar is a way to
write compilers exceedingly briefly.  One takes a typical BNF
style grammar and decorates it with the arguments and the
result values needed to get the right information to the
grammar rules where they will be used to generate code.

6521 Raymond Street, Oakland, CA 94609-1126

Mon, 30 Aug 1999 03:00:00 GMT  
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