TopSpeed 3.1 DMA DSP. 
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 TopSpeed 3.1 DMA DSP.

Hello, I'm back :-) I got Telnet to work at my stage-place.

Does anybody have a DSP module for TopSpeed 3.1x that works with DMA?

A working experiment is enough.

So you can play a sample in the background, and do something else?
(I know, you can do it with co-routines, but that's to timing critical and
consumes to much processor-time. I want to create a process to feed DMA once
in a while, but not for any byte, but with say 16k chunks)

The sample type is not that important, but I prefer .VOC or .WAV .

---- BTW XtdLib 0.95 comes out next week.

Tue, 20 Jul 1999 03:00:00 GMT  
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