Summary: Oberon-2. What I 
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 Summary: Oberon-2. What I

"FR>First:  the charter for an initial standardization of a language is to
"FR>codify the present state-of-the-practice and make changes/extensions
"FR>only where there are clear errors or omissions.

I agree with this, but it has brought back to me something I've wondered
about.  Gunther Dotzel's response to the 'traditionalists' seems to have
been, roughly, 'check the goals of the ISO committee', but I haven't
seen anything on what the goals actually _were_.  Could someone
summarize or specify what the written goals were so we have some
reference point for this?  I suspect many of us who are displeased with
the trend of the ISO standard may find that that trend can be traced
back to the written goals of the committee.

Ben Coleman
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