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 JPI Modula-2

Can anyone tell me if JPI Modula-2 handles I/O redirection properly?

Logitech Modula-2 cannot detect end-of-file on console input, and
the system HANGS if end-of-file is reached on standard input which
has been redirected to a disk file.  (I am aware of the technical
reasons for this, and I know how to write a module to fix it.  I am
also aware that using redirection provided by the operating system
may not be quite fit the usual (I hesitate to say standard) way of
doing things, but so much the worse for the usual way.)  I was also
appalled to discover that with Logitech Modula-2, standard input and
output are unbuffered, even if redirected to a disk file.  Try running
the obvious program to copy input to output on a 300K file (but not if
you're in a hurry).

This problems, together with the blazing speed of the Logitech compiler
have kept me writing in Turbo-C, although I really prefer Modula-2.  I'm
hoping that JPI Modula-2 is just what I want.

Fred Sullivan                           SUNY at Binghamton
Dept. Math. Sciences                    Binghamton, NY 13903

First you make a roux!

Sun, 17 Jan 1993 17:08:00 GMT  
 JPI Modula-2

    JPI Modula-II does offer buffering on file I/O, although the user must
supply the buffer by calling AssignBuffer.

    I have been able, in JPI Modula II, to write interrupt routines for
a board-level system (a CuBIT 8400) without writing any assembly code.
Few other language systems are able to support such low-level processing
so well.  I am very pleased with this system.

                                        John Nagle

Sun, 17 Jan 1993 17:18:00 GMT  
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