problems and solutions needed for new programming textbook 
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 problems and solutions needed for new programming textbook

Metrowerks is looking for Pascal, Modula-2 or C programs (and solutions) to
be included in new Lab Notes which we are to publish in Q1/94.

We are a software company which currently offers Modula-2 and Pascal for the
Macintosh.  In Q1/94, we will be launching our next generation development
environment and applications framework and three new compilers, Pascal, C,
and C++,  for the existing Macintosh and the new PowerPC-based Macintosh.

We have a lot of users in education who have been frustration over the years by
the fact that textbooks used to teach programming are not tightly integrated
with any programming language software.

As a result, we have written a principles of computer programming textbook
which will be accompanied by Lab Notes for Pascal and C.

In order to have successful Lab Notes, we need 350 sample programs and
solutions.  The problems to be included in the Lab Notes will be divided
into four topics: Computer Science, Business, Engineering and General.


We would prefer standard Pascal, Modula-2 or C programs if possible.
Assignments or old exam problems would be great.

If you have problems and solutions and would like them published, please send
them to us.  If we include your problem(s) in our new lab notes, we will give
you written credit for this in the Lab Notes and textbook and will compensate
you based on a formula to be determined.

Please send your programs and solutions to
Mr. Jean Belanger,
Metrowerks Inc.
Suite 300, 1500 du College
St. Laurent, Quebec, Canada H4L 5G6

applelink   metrowerks
AOL metrowerks

Tel (514) 747-5999
Fax (514) 747-2822

Wed, 21 Feb 1996 00:27:58 GMT  
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