MacOberon V4-68k Sources available 
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 MacOberon V4-68k Sources available

(as a further clarification wrt. my previous posting about Files, etc.)

The sources for the complete 680x0-based MacOberon V4 are now available as
standard parts of the software distribution. Included is also a Tool for
recompiling and re-linking the whole system, the Compiler, the BootLinker,
and even the commented MC68020 assembly sources of the BootLoader and the
Storage Allocator/Garbage Collector.

The release of the sources effectively brings the MacOberon V4 project to
an end. Future versions of MacOberon will support System 3 instead, which
has matured over the years and is now far superior to V4. MacOberon System
3 will be also be the future target platform for my own projects, such as

Of course, any remaining errors in V4 will be corrected, and any comments
regarding the sources are warmly welcome. The Internet community is also
encouraged to add improvements to the released MacOberon system - for
example, you will see that my Oberon compiler is actually quite simple (I
am not releasing the optimizing variant yet :-) and could be improved
considerably. Please also note that you may not incorporate these sources
into products sold for direct commercial gain.

Thank you very much for your attention,
Michael Franz

Sat, 28 Mar 1998 03:00:00 GMT  
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