Russian Modula-2 User Seeks Contacts, Help 
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 Russian Modula-2 User Seeks Contacts, Help

Hi folks,

one of our senior instructors, Gene Haltiwanger, is a local Modula-2 guru. Gene
has written a few articles on the language and had them published.  Today Gene
got a letter from a programmer in the Soviet Union who is looking to make
contacts with other Modula-2 users and programmers in the West.  Since Gene's
not sure how much he can do for this person, he asked me to post a copy of the
letter in the hopes that some other people might have ideas and the desire to
help the writer.  If you do would like to help, please feel free to contact the
author of the letter directly.


Hal Render
Asst. Professor
Dept. of Computer Science
University of Colorado, Colorado Springs


Text of the letter follows:
                                        Alexander Schelkin
                                        Open Highway Street, 21-7-55,
                                        Moscow, 107143, USSR

                                        25 October 1991

Dear Sir,

     Excuse me for troubles.  I would like to apply to You for a piece of
advice and help.

     I am 29 years old.  In 1984 I graduated for the Moscow Power Engineering
Institute.  I live in Moscow and work as a system programmer on IBM PC (MS-DOS).
I have been engaging in programming for more than ten years.

     4 years ago I pass to IBM PC and was found myself in front of choice the
programming language and the compiler.  Earlier I worked on Pascal, but it seems
to me most sucessfull the compiler from Modula-2, which is belong to JPI (the
1.15 version).  Then I pass to 1.17 version.  Last time I work with 2.00 ver-
sion.  Now I am sure, that my selection is successful.  I prefer Modula-2 as
far as all program languages.  I like the cleverest beauty of this language.

     Elaboration of automatization system of scientific investigation (collec-
tion, treatment, keeping and submittion of the information) is my main work.  
I have carried out 5 such systems.  For this aim I wrote a number of modules
(Menu, Help, and etc.).  I made some changes in "Process" module.  Also I took
part in elaboration of image processing system and the system of data quick
collection.  Also I worked on Pascal, fortran, Macroassembler and I know the
language C.  I have the experience with the data bases (dBase, FoxPro), expert
systems (Personal Consultant Plus).

     With the help of Modula-2 besides of automatization systems of scientific
investigations, I wrote the shell of the expert system on fuzzy logic, the
system of files protection from non-sanction copy, the editor of printer fonts,
the program generation menus system by its description and many other.

     We talk on different languages, but we think on united language--Modula-2.
From many directions and styles in programming JPI's thought manner is
especially intimate to me.

     It is very difficult to You to understand our problems in Russia.  I am
deprived of possibility to take part in confernence by Modula-2, I can't pub-
lish my work, I can't get the conference material and I can't contact with my
colleagues from the other countries.  I make a request for You to help me.  I
know Your works on Modula-2 and want to establish contact with You.  I want to
share information on Modula-2 with You.

     I know about "MODUS Quarterly", but it is too much trouble to get it.  The
only magazine about Modula-2, accessible to Soviet specialists is "Journal of
Pascal, Ada, and Modula-2", but even this journal we get with one year delay.
I want to become a member of Modula-2 Users Association (MODUS), but I don't
know how to do it.

     I feel my strength as high-professional programmer.  I am sure that my
work will be interesting and useful to You.  It may seems to You immodestly,  
but I really fells myself to solve any problem in the field of programming.

     I am married.  I have lovely family.  My son is 11 and my daughter is 6.
My wife is marvellous woman, she always supports me.  She is post-graduate
student of Moscow Oil and Gas Institute.  I am in need of Your help and Your
support.  I apply to You as my colleague:  help me please.

     In the end of my letter allow me to quote the passage from the appeal to
world scientists of Novel-prize winner Roald Hoffman:

     "I recently spent 10 days teaching in the Soviet Union... But I am impel-
      led to tell you of the desperately pessimistic state of mind of young
      scientists there and to suggest some ways in which we might help... Most
      frightening in what I saw is the desperate pessimism of the young scien-
      tists... What is to be done?  Personal aid and governmental support are
      needed, to be sure.  But I think that as a profession we have to do still
      more to save the souls of the talented, ingenious young people now in
      despair in the USSR...
           - Keep in touch, write...
           - Bring Soviet graduate students into our Ph.D. programs...
           - Make a place for younger Soviet Ph.D.s, who could not travel
             until recents (while some of their lab heads did), in our
           - Provide travel funds for Soviet scientists to attend ACS meetings
             and conferences...
           - Most of all, our Soviet friends need human contact and information.
      Please, let's help.
                                Ronald Hoffman, Cornell University"

Best regards
Sincerely Yours

        Alexander Schelkin

Sat, 07 May 1994 02:55:49 GMT  
 Russian Modula-2 User Seeks Contacts, Help
I got essentially the same letter from him by registered mail.  I wonder how
many people he sent letters to?  I know it's not a totally computer generated
letter since my copy was slightly different.  These letters must have cost
him a fortune.

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Sun, 08 May 1994 00:15:59 GMT  
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